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Intuitive hosted content management

Our content management platform takes the hassle out of building your website, without locking you in to restricted theme frameworks. Choose a pre-built template, or use your own HTML/CSS – you will have complete control over the look and feel of your websites.

Save time with templates, pages and modules

Save time, preserve consistency and avoid duplication with templates. Simply insert the page elements you want to reuse in the template, and wrap your pages in them. To add extra functionality, just layer on our built-in modules with a point and click approach.

Online real-time editing without the need of server side coding

Cybertising™ provides an intuitive yet powerful in-context editing tool in addition to the Admin's WYSIWYG editor. Browse your website just as a visitor would through a web browser, then simply point and click to edit content in real-time.

Create unique mobile experiences

Cybertising™ platform allows for the look and feel of your site across a growing range of phone and tablet devices with Cybertising's built-in device detection tag. We're continually updating our database of device types, meaning you can say goodbye to manually adding detection code for the latest devices.

Manage your site on your desktop or tablet

Keep an eye on your business performance from across the globe. Experience our full Admin Console on any tablet device, with HTML5 charts for reports and iPad support for our WYSIWYG editor.

Create your first site today.